Thursday, May 31, 2018

Recreational Availability East of I-75: A Survey

The Fresh Start Initiative has received several informed and detailed responses to our mini-survey about recreational facilities for our HOA base -- thank you!

We have set a deadline of June 5, and we'd like to gather as many as possible. 

Update: It's been noted that while Tatum Ridge Elementary School has soccer fields, these are run by parks and serve programmed leagues, but otherwise are closed to the public. Therefore we've added "publicly accessible" to our survey questions - as in, accessible to the public.

Some influential industrial owners say the County should rezone the Quad parcels to ILW - Industrial, Light Manufacturing, and Warehousing

In response, Fresh Start has sent a letter to the County opposing that argument. The more data supporting the need and wish for community-friendly uses we have, the better. 

So here's the survey again - thanks for your help -- respond to

Name of your HOA _________________

Does your community contain sports facilities within its boundaries?

If yes,
  • indoor - sq. feet
  • outdoor - fields? playgrounds?

If no,
  • What is the distance to the nearest publicly accessible recreational facility for indoor sports?
  • What's the distance to the nearest publicly accessible outdoor area for ball fields, football, track, etc.?